You'll Have To Forgive Me

Seminary is new to me. I'm in love already, so you'll have to forgive me as I post every. single. mundane. detail.

First night of seminary = dance party with plenty of beer and wine. Not even kidding. Someone even caught the action on video.

Way too many of us knew every word to Baby Got Back and Ice Ice Baby.

Those of us who graduated three or four years ago are the old folks here. The most frequently asked introductory question is "Where did you do undergrad?"

Most of the girls at the party were juniors (first year students) and most of the guys were middlers (second year students). Hmmm...coming to check out the fresh meat middler men?

I also learned from several older students that my dorm is the "quiet" dorm. The people who passed on this information seemed to see this as a negative thing. I figure that means I can simply mosey to their place for the parties and then come home to sleep in my nice, boring, quiet dorm. Excellent.

Anyway, morning prayer is at 9 a.m. I better get to bed.
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