Two Weeks!

It's almost impossible to believe, but as of today, I have been at Princeton for two weeks. For any interested parties, here is my progress report:

Classes: I still haven't been to one of them, since it only meets on Tuesday afternoons, but so far I'm enjoying classes, reading, etc. Learning a new alphabet for Hebrew is proving somewhat daunting, but the fact that I will never have to speak this language in conversation is a huge relief. Anyway, the profs and preceptors really want us to succeed and I really want to succeed. That seems a good combination.

Friends: I'm an introvert, so it will probably take me a month or two to feel totally comfortable, but I already have a few people I hang out with regularly. Not having roommates (a.k.a. built-in friends) is making this somewhat more difficult, but I shall push on and try to venture outside myself occasionally. Shout out to Margaret who thinks almost everything I say is funny...that's the kind of person I like. It's amazing how entertaining / shocking everyday-life-at-Houghton stories are to people who didn't experience small, Christian schools in all their glory.

Money: Let's not talk about that...nearly $700 on books and such. OI!

Church: I've been to two congregations thus far and neither one really felt right. I'll keep looking. For the first time in my life, I am considering trying a Lutheran church because Geila (pronounced Gee-lah) is doing one of her field education placements at a Lutheran church and she makes it sound pretty awesome. Anyway, they still have liturgy and order... I'm down with that.

Home: I keep moving my furniture around. Last night, I changed the orientation of my bed so that I could have a lamp near my head instead of my feet. One of these days I am going to do some productive procrastinating and sew some of the African fabrics I have into a makeshift bed skirt so that all the crap under my bed is less visible.

Blogging: I have blogger's block. Thinking of anything other than the mundane details is nearly impossible at the moment since I'm still settling into a new routing. Going from three years of a regular eight hour day to classes interspersed with studying and fixed meal times is quite a disruption. I can't imagine being one of those folks who goes back after 10, 15, even 20 years. Crazy!

Well, I should get back to learning stuff... I'll try to write something more substantive some time this week.
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