I still have a weekend before I go, but it will mostly be spent running around doing those last minute things that must be done before I leave the area Monday morning. Anyone in the Princeton area may feel free to help me move in, take me out to dinner, shower me with gifts, etc. beginning September 11 around noon.

Finding a picture of "zero" was not especially successful, so I found a picture to represent my feelings about this being my last official day in DC instead. This particular photo was one of the first Google image results when I typed in the word "freedom." For three years I've felt tied down to a desk, to a phone, to two jobs I've abhorred. Finally, I'm moving on to something I want to do, something I want to be tied down to. It's a glorious feeling; blessed even.

This weekend is going to be tortuous. For the past week, I've wanted nothing more than to simply pack up my car and get moving. Unfortunately, I have to wait until Princeton will allow me into my dorm room. Hopefully, Emily and I will get to spend some time together before I head out. I'll miss her.

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