Seminarians Party!

Last night was tons o' fun!

To beging the evening, several of us went to Triumph, a local brewery. I had a Honey Wheat and half a Snakebite (ale with cider mixed...bad idea) and enjoyed some good conversation. It's good to have extroverted friends who will drag you out to new places. There was a guy next to us studying. Studying at the frikkin' loud bar! I could hardly take my eyes off of his handwriting; it looked more like type than printing. Sara attempted to engage him in conversation but, unfortunately, he wasn't interested...

After Triumph, we headed back to campus where there were two parties going on; one in Hodge (Beer and Bread) and one on my floor in Brown (Happy Birthday, Jessie!). Both were enjoyable, I spent more time with the juniors in Hodge, but was drawn back to Brown a couple times for the pizza and Twister. While I was circulating I also seized the opportunity to break out my camera. Every time I took a picture people asked me if I had a blog. My affirmative answer was met with many smiles and not a few groans, but most people were good sports. Jenny and Amy, pictured at right, actually requested to have their picture posted. You can click on their picture to see more from last night. I'm contemplating carrying a sign that says, "Yes, this picture may end up on the internet." and possibly some release forms.

Going out with people has definitely made me feel more integrated into the community. Given my geeky addiction to blogging and the intensive study that's required of us here, it's easy to sequester myself in my room and ignore the existence of all other humans or enjoyable activities.

So, now that I've spent my morning wisely playing flag football (team name: PC Load Letter), goofing off with puppies and babies, and successfully avoiding awkward encounters with once-upon-a-time friends I will begin the organizing and the studying...
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