Sleepy, Elliott

Sometimes, in undergrad, my roommates frequently returned to the dorm room to find me lying on the floor drooling on some textbook or another. It wasn't that I found all my texts boring (except that stupid one for bib lit...oy, the pain!), it was that school was exhausting and reading was one of the ways I put myself to sleep as a youngster.

Eventually, I developed strategies for remaining alert while reading, such as sitting up rather than lying down (it works...go figure!). But, I haven't been in school for several years and some of the logistical concerns and study techniques that I'd once mastered have slipped my mind.

Anyway, this afternoon, after doing my laundry, I settled myself on the floor with my OT101 reading. By the second page, my vision was getting blurry. A few minutes more, I was asleep... It's nice to be able to nap in the afternoon if I want to, but I really need to work on good study habits if I intend to convince others that I'm not joking when I say I want to get my doctorate.
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