Rocking Registration's Socks

I've completed registration and, while my schedule looks daunting, I am excited to get started on Wednesday. My classes for the fall include some required courses (OT101: Orientation to Old Testament Studies, OT152: Introductory Biblical Hebrew, and SC101: Speech Communication in Ministry) and some electives (ED101: Introduction to the Teaching Ministry, CH350: The Radical Reformation, and PC475: Confession and Forgiveness in Pastoral Perspective).

Even though I took History of Christianity almost five years ago, I was able to convince the professor tasked with deciding who could place out of Church History 101 that I was ready for upper level history classes. I don't think it hurt that one of my chosen courses for this semester is being taught by him, but I was unaware of that circumstance when I sat down. Clearly, God did not want me to use my time in more than three introductory courses.

Despite the fact that I have no intention of going into full time pastoral ministry, the class I'm most looking forward to is PC475. Confession intrigues me and it will be interesting to study it from a ministerial perspective. Hebrew is probably the class I am most freaked out about because I feel like a "failure" in that class will compromise my future goals. Perhaps those goals need to be compromised, but that would rock my world...

Bonus: my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons are almost completely free for work and study. Excellent! Not so excellent, I have classes at 8 a.m. three days a week. UGH!

Now, to have my socks rocked by the price of books. I can't even wait. Credit card ahoy!
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