I Am Art!

A few days before I left Virginia, I went touring around DC. During my time about town, I spent several hours in the National Portrait Gallery. One large hall was chock full of modern American art, including the piece pictured.

In the background you can see two couches. There were ten or twelve of these couches filling the center of the gallery. Walking around DC all day had taken it's toll, so I was resting on one of these couches. In fact, I took this picture from my place on said couch. After taking the picture, I started daydreaming/ zoning out.

Also on the background are two older women (who had a third friend not pictured)... After a few moments of staring off into space, I suddenly came to myself and moved my head slightly. Just as I moved, I noticed these women giggling and pointing in my general direction. I had been so still that they actually thought I was an installation piece, just like my friend here.

If only there were such a job...
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