Happiness On A Sad Day

#1 on the list of things I should be doing would be unpacking and organizing my room.

# last on the list of things I want to be doing would be unpacking and organizing my room, so here I sit, blogging.

It feels like a strange day to be so effervescently happy. My Newsgator account is full of reminiscences and reminders of my generations "day that will live in infamy. There are plenty of people who've expressed the sadness of this day better than I can even hope to, so instead, I will tell you why I'm so happy.

I'm finally at Princeton! Early this morning, Jule Ann (the best blog friend ever!) arrived at my (former) house. We talked to each other in the dark like twelve year olds at a slumber party until sleep overwhelmed us. Jule Ann and I went to the same college; she graduated three years before I did. I vaguely remember one conversation with her while at Houghton, but last night and today we fell easily into conversation and enjoyed each other's company. Goes to show you that the blogging community is a real community.

While Jule Ann was here, after we ate lunch at Winberies and unpacked both of our cars with a little help from a few girls on my floor, Josh Zeifle, another Houghton friend, showed up to welcome me and help in any way he could. We chatted and laughed and unpacked some boxes. He took me to dinner as an unofficial welcome to the seminary community.

Tomorrow, I am driving to JFK to pick up my mother, who I haven't seen since Christmas!...who has lost 85 pounds since I last saw her. I'm a little worried that I won't recognize her when I get to the airport. It's a good thing I still look the same.

My room is massive! With all the furniture the seminary provides (bed, desk, dresser, and bookshelf), I could probably still comfortable fit a couch and chair. I'm going to check out freecycle and see if I can find a nice arm chair in which to do my reading for class. I'm in Brown Hall, right next to the campus center/dining hall.

Sarah and Rebecca both called me tonight just to hear my happy voice! All in all, it's been a delightful 24 hours.
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