Fun In DC...and My 300th Post on Blogger!

My time in DC comes to an end in just a few short days. There's no doubt that I'm antsy. In order to combat my own special form of restless leg syndrome, I spent a day wandering around DC, trying to take in some of the sites I'd missed.

Emily let me hitch a ride into town with her since I'm trying my best to save money. The galleries I wanted to see didn't open until 10. In order to kill some time, I slowly meandered past the Capitol Building taking pictures as I walked. You can click on this interesting representation of the preamble to the Constitution to see my slideshow for today.

license plates

Despite tired feet and a slightly sore back, I had an excellent day. The National Air and Space Museum was excellent. Taking the free guided tour definitely made it easier not to get slogged down reading every single plaque (something that good honors students like me often do). There were several times during the tour that I got choked up just thinking of the dauntless spirits who made it possible for humankind to experience the wonders of flight.

After the tour, I took in few more exhibits that had caught my eye during the tour, then headed out for the National Building Museum. Despite the rave reviews I'd heard of this particular gallery, I was unimpressed. It was cavernous and empty. The one room that actually contained an exhibit felt more like an infomercial for a particular brand of ecologically friendly homes.

Needless to say, it wasn't long before I moved on to the National Portrait Gallery. People's faces say so much. It was amazing how the paint and sculpture and photography revealed the souls of the human subjects. Beautiful! My favorite gallery was Outwin Boochever 2006 Portrait Competition. It looks like all 51 portraits exhibited appear online here. Another great exhibit was "William Wegman - Funney/Strange," which was on view in the American Art section of the museum.

Anyway, a good time was had by one. Lots of pictures were taken and are now waiting to be you!
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