Emily, You'll Totally Puke If You Read This...I'm Not Kidding!

Sara, Colleen and I went to NYC today. Both of these girls live on my floor, all three of us lived in DC for the past few years, and Colleen went to the Falls Church, though I never met her before we both ended up here together.

On the way, I made flashcards for the Hebrew aleph-bet (aleph and bet are the first two letters of the Hebrew alphabet...I'm already making Hebrew jokes. I love being a nerd!). We went to the 'bucks and the Met and to a Korean/Chinese restaurant, called Noodles 28. The train was free and Sara treated us to the 'bucks, but my subway fare, Met entrance, and dinner were my dime. It wasn't a huge expense, but i still haven't found work study and my car payment is due in about two weeks, so I need to be careful.

That's not the point of this story, though. The point is this: New Jersey water is not agreeing with my scalp. It was okay for most of the trip, but on the train ride back my head was getting especially itchy. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the little white flecks on my red shirt until we got back to the dorm and I realized it looked like I'd had my own personal snowstorm. Sooooo embarassing. I really need to hitch a ride to Wally World and bye a gigantor bottle of Head & Shoulders...
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