The DVR must go back to Comcast today. Actually, not just today, but in a little under one hour. this means that they will be shutting off internet service. The cable guy will not be plugging us back in until about 4 p.m., but then it's not my service, it's Emily's and Alyssa's because I no longer pay the bills here. So, this may be my last post until Monday unless Emily is going out to buy a wireless modem today...which I doubt (understandably not her top priority, since she doesn't have a computer yet).

It's going to be a hectic couple of days. It all begins this morning as I go out to return the DVR (I'm almost crying ;), donate six boxes of books to the library (more tears), and foist some clothes, stuffed animals and other household items on the Goodwill. The rest of today will be spent doing a final sweep of the house to be sure that I have all my belongings, helping Alyssa move her stuff into my empty bedroom, reorganizing and repacking my massive pile of junk, and waiting for the cable guy to reinstall my umbilical cord (probably late in the afternoon).

Tomorrow will be a sad day. It will be my last Sunday at the Falls Church, possibly the last ever. To my great delight, John Yates will be preaching the sermon. The rest of the day will be spent fidgeting, watching Alyssa take over my space, goofing off with Emily, reorganizing and repacking (yes, I'm slightly obsessive), and packing my car. Some time after midnight, Jule Ann, my new hero, will arrive to crash on my couch and then help me move in the morning. Can I just say that Jule Ann and I were merely acquaintances before blogging and now she's coming to my rescue with the packing and the moving. I heart blogging and bloggers!

Monday morning, I will finally get into my bulging-at-the-seams car and drive to Princeton, NJ, followed by Super Jule Ann! It's a fairly short trip, but it will feel like an eternity. I can hardly wait to get there!

UPDATE - Apparently getting a wireless router was one of Emily's priorities for the day, so we now have wireless and she does indeed have the laptop that is one of her help desk job perks.
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