My Piece of Sky

This is my piece of sky. I happen to be looking at it right now through the wonders of wireless. Perhaps it seems strange to claim a piece of air viewed through trees, but this piece of sky is entirely symbolic of my new freedom.

For the past three years, I have been couped up in offices, in a world of telephones and cubicles and concrete walls. Now, though the course work is difficult and the desks not entirely comfortable, I get to see the sun, I get to feel the wind, I get to enjoy the leaves falling from the trees.

There is something about being outside that makes me better. It makes me feel more joyful, it makes my think more clearly, and, if you listen to my dear friend, RGR, it even makes me funnier. The ability to experience the cycles of life by sitting under a tree, feeling the chill of newly fallen snow, or smelling the beautiful scent of dirt and freshly cut grass makes me feel much more connected to God and myself.

So, it may seem strange to you, but my piece of sky, MY piece of sky, means freedom and hope and new beginnings and I love it.
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