Certainly Encouraged

The few days I've spent as part of the Princeton community thus far have provided many encouragements. Three stand out in my mind:
  • I've heard only a handful of women preach in my lifetime. During our first orientation event, I heard one of the best sermons I've been privileged to enjoy, and it was powerfully presented by a woman. Women also play crucial roles in the faculty and administration. The director of the Ph.D. program, Katharine Doob Sackenfeld, is also an OT professor...ooohhh, the possibilities.
  • My online involvement in the emerging conversation is taking on flesh as I meet people who are actively engaged with the conversation of which I hope to become a more vital part. It will be wonderful to have face-to-face conversations with people who have been present in my life as bloggers and commenters for several months.
  • Tonight, at the Convocation for the 195th academic year, Dr. L. Gordon Graham gave a lecture entitled The Philosophy of the Seminary. There were plenty of times during which I started daydreaming, but my attention was caught when Dr. Graham spoke about the necessity for intellectually curious Christians to pursue that curiosity. Intellectual curiosity is too often denigrated in the church, so it is wonderful to have that aspect of my life affirmed as God-given and God-glorifying.
Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to apply and to matriculate without delay, each hour I become more and more convinced that there is no place else I should be.
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