Today marks the beginning of my last week in DC. According to my countdown calendar, it's T-minus four days and counting. I'm not moving until Monday, the 11th, but I only knew what day I'd be leaving work when I started the countdown, so I'll stick with it now.

Fantastic Four Valentine's Day cards. Old school! I loved Valentine's Day in elementary school. No one really passed around Fantastic Four cards when I was in fourth grade, but there were plenty of other amusing ones (e.g. Ren & Stimpy).

The "original cast" of the 1994 aborted film version of The Fantastic Four. Look at the amazing costume work. Anybody know what that blond guy is from?

I've never seen this movie and I don't plan to at any time in the future, but I thought you might like to compare the original cast with the most recent cast. Sex appeal = +10. Costumes and special effects = +2000.

There ya go. Four pictures of the Fantastic Four to commemorate my last four weekdays in DC.
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