One Hectic Day After Another

It's going to take me a while to get back into a busy schedule. My life has been a very occasionally interrupted stream of boring for the past three years. I'm perfectly willing to take responsibility for that state of affairs and now I must face the consequences.

My brain sort of went into meltdown phase when I saw the number of books my six classes required. I spent about $600 on texts for this semester. That includes a savings of approximately $200 that I was able to get by spending about four hours researching lower prices on the Amazon and Wal-Mart websites. That's like being paid $50 an hour for surfing the web...I'm down with that.

Today has been busy with all the last bits of orientation, including the sexual harassment policy and information on Field Education. Let me tell you, field education freaks me right out! We have to do two placements and one must be in a church. For the summer, I intend to do a camp or possibly Christian Ministry in the National Parks, but for one full year, I will be working in a church...possibly even preaching...ARGH!!!

This afternoon, when I should have been looking for a work study position, I came back to my room, took a shower, and rearranged my furniture. Pictures will be forthcoming. It's nothing fancy, but at least I don't have my back to the door when I sit at my desk.

Classes begin tomorrow. I have Hebrew at 8 a.m. every day except Wednesday, so at least I'll have an extra hour to get ready in the morning before I go to my first class.

In just a little while, we have the President's Reception, followed by our class picture, a dinner, and the opening convocation. A full evening to begin a very full life.
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