It's A Beautiful Day!

It's raining and windy and a little bit chilly and, guess what, I couldn't be happier. This weather means that fall and winter (my favorites seasons) are on the way. As an added bonus, I can open the door to cool the house and listen to the beautiful sound of rain rather than running the noisy, energy-sucking air conditioner.

Last night, at my choir picnic, I met the wife of a fellow choir member. In the course of our conversation, I learned that she grew up in Binghamton, NY. AHA! Another person who spent her early years in the frozen north. We shared our secret love of winter and gray skies. The native southerners in our group stared blankly as we recounted stories of sledding, skating, and skiing.

Hate me if you will, but I can't wait for winter to descend like a fluffy, white blanket...
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