For the past few days, blogging has begun to feel like homework for a class I hate. This feeling makes me incredibly sad because I love blogging.

I think part of the problem is that I'm too perfectionistic about my writing. Perhaps you think this idea laughable given my nonsensical posts in the past few days, but honestly, the idea that people are actually reading my blog freezes me in my tracks. I drive myself crazy wondering whether what I've written is good enough for an audience.

Another part is the pressure to write something important. It's much easier to blog stuff and nonsense and link to other people's substantive posts...

And, finally, the worst part of the problem is that many of the things I want to blog about are off limits. The thoughts I would normally type and publish are securely in the not-to-be-blogged category.

So, anyway, I'm getting desperate. Anybody have any suggestions? Is there anything you want to know about me? Are there any thoughts I've started that you want to see completed? Please, help me appease my blogging jones.
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