RGBP Friday Five: Enjoy!

This week's Friday Five is nice and simple: Name five things you have enjoyed this week.
  1. Lunch with my favorite co-workers.
  2. Wandering through DC taking photos of anything and everything.
  3. Trivia Night at Stars & Stripes (though I wish I'd eaten something along with the beer I drank).
  4. Being tagged by Jule Ann.
  5. Scheduling a speaker to come to Princeton (more on that later...)!!!
What did you enjoy this week?

By the way, Blogger users, I know that commenting can sort of be a pain with the changeover to beta and all, but I've found a way to get around the issue. Even if you have a Blogger account, use the "Other" option for commenting and simply enter your name and URL by hand. That way there's still a link to your blog and you don't have the frustration of comments not posting.
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