The Plan

Several comments left by RevGalBlogPals folks have made me realize that many, if not most, of the people reading my blog do not know me. Since the point of joining the webring was to get to know other people, I suppose it's only fair that I write about topics that would allow people to get to know me.

Let's start this getting-to-know-you process with "The Plan." The Plan was formulated slowly during my sophomore and junior years at this tiny Christian college. Up to that point, The Plan included a history major (yes, I am a history geek and proud of it!), a Ph.D., and, ultimately, a teaching career at some prestigious university...

Sometime during my sophomore year, it hit me: what was once an overwhelming love of history was being eclipsed by my enjoyement of the Bible and theology classes taken, at first, only to fulfill the requirements for a minor. Studying the Bible, debating interpretations, seeing the unexpected in familiar passages was so exciting. And, one of the best parts: my love of history didn't have to fall by the wayside since the Bible is full of it (history, that is)! So, I embarked upon what seemed to be the most logical course of action and upgraded my Bible minor to a second major.

I never considered what effect this change of heart might have on my future plans until a friend of mine, who was a year ahead of me, started talking about applying to PTS. I caught the bug, felt the call, whatever you want to call it, and decided that seminary would be a good choice for me, too. This became even more clear when various circumstances, related to my often written about trip to Africa, compelled me to drop my history major.

More "circumstances" (a.k.a. a professor didn't send his recommendation and I was in Africa, blissfully unaware) prevented me from entering seminary immediately. Three years of working at fairly crappy, unchallenging jobs ensued. Now, finally, I am back on track with The Plan, which still includes a Ph.D. and teaching at some college or university, but instead of history, I would like to teach Biblical Studies, concetrating on the Old Testament. While I am not completely opposed to the idea of becoming a pastor, I don't feel gifted in certain areas (e.g. sensitivity to other people's feelings) that seem important to someone planning on pursuing pastoral ministry.

So, there it is my plan, seminary is the next step in my climb to the ivory tower, not the pulpit. I guess we'll see what God's plan is.
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