Twenty Nine (A Day Late...)

I forgot to post this picture yesterday, but I went to the trouble of getting the artist's permission, so I'm just going to post it today instead.

The photographer's name is Mark Schretlen. He has some stuff online here. He's from Canada! Are there Amish people in Canada?! ;)

My room is currently crowded with boxes and other junk that I brought down from the attic. I'm going to post some stuff on Craigslist tonight and hope against hope that someone buys my bed, at least.

I'm getting rid of six or eight boxes of books (yes, I find that just a little heartbreaking), but I'm not exactly sure where to take them. Goodwill is the easiest option, but doesn't seem like the best one. I also have three or four large shopping bags of clothes and shoes that are in good condition that need to go, but I would rather donate them to a place that is going to give the clothes away to those who are actually in need rather than a place that is going to sell them to suburban teenagers with nothing better to do on a Saturday morning. Anyone in NOVA know of places I could take books and clothes?
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