If I Had Only Known

Last Thursday, one of my co-workers left a few CDs on the kitchen counter with a post-it note reading, "Take me!" Unable to pass up free music, I grabbed both (Modest Mouse, The Moon & Antarctica, which I already knew I loved and Death Cab for Cutie, Plans, a mystery to me).

A few days after loading Plans onto my iPod, I was lying in bed unable to sleep and decided to give it a listen. There was something very familiar about the melodies and then there was this pleasantly familiar voice.

I thought I was listening to Death Cab for Cutie, but it sounded eerily like the Postal Service!!! I reminded myself to research the possibility of a connection for days afterward, but I didn't remember until yesterday when I discovered that both groups do in fact have the same lead singer, Ben Gibbard. Am I the last one to know?

I heart Postal Service and, now, I heart Death Cab for Cutie. If you've never heard either, get both. If you're an elitist and already know both, don't rain on my musical discovery parade.
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