Saddest Night of the Summer

Emily, MKH, and I are watching So You Think You Can Dance? The. Best. Show. Of. The. Summer. Period!

The finale was going along swimmingly until after Heidi danced her solo. Cat Deeley brought her to center stage and started opening an envelope. WTF?!! An envelope!!! Somehow the idiotic producers of SYTYCD? decided that the best plan for announcing who won and lost would be to have them dance a solo and then give Cat Deeley an envelope that contained their future.

Next up, was Donyelle. As soon as she came on the stage we knew she was a goner. Hello, no suspense.

Cat Deeley: So you know that we're looking for America's favorite dancer?
Donyelle: yeah...
Cat Deeley: I'm wasn't you.

Shortly after Donyelle was kicked to the curb, Benji came out to dance. We were petrified as Cat opened the envelope thinking she was going to tell him, "Sorry, it wasn't you..." but badly dressed Cat "tricked our hearts" (as Emily would say). We would have to wait until after the break, until after Travis danced.

Then, while we were not paying attention, the clock struck ten and a truly unfortunate incident occured...our DVR stopped recording and skipped to the end of the show, revealing the results. Much screaming ensued. I'm not talking about a little screaming. I'm talking about all out girly shrieking, reminiscent-of-Mary screaming. We didn't want to see the results, we wanted the suspense.

We're finishing the show, pretending we don't know who won, but I'll let you in on a little secret: IT WAS BENJI!!!

Many hearts are glad, especially Mormon hearts, all across the country.
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