It's Coming...

Each year, around this time, I begin to feel restless. From the time I was 5 until I graduated from college (seventeen years), August was a time of preparation. Shopping for new clothes, buying school supplies, and, later, packing. Life was cyclical, each new cycle beginning in August/September with the inevitable return to school.

Since I graduated from college and started working full-time three years ago, life has blurred together with very little to differentiate one day from another. The seasons have changed but it made little difference in my daily routine; wake up, go to work, leave work, eat dinner, go to bed, rinse and repeat. However, with my upcoming matriculation at Princeton Theological Seminary (whose chapel is pictured above), August has once again become the month of preparation.

The cool breezes that have begun to blow signal the return of a calming cycle. If my desire to become a college professor comes to fruition, this should be the beginning of many years of the same cycle. Perhaps this is my Whiteness speaking, but I prefer my adventure mixed with a shot or two of security. It seems school is probably the perfect option for this girl.

Here's hoping I can convince some of my classmates to go apple or pumpkin picking!
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