Better Things To Do

I know, I know, no countdown yesterday. My friend, Sarah, and I were celebrating her birthday together. It was actually on July 26th (ha! 26 more days before Princeton!), but I couldn't make it to Maryland until this weekend. Anyway, even though I hate the heat here, I'm a bit of a Virginia snob.

We went shopping, out to lunch, and sailing with some of Sarah's friends. For your viewing enjoyment, I have posted some photos on Flickr from our afternoon trip. Just click my picture of the sunset skyline to see a slideshow.

After weeks of heat that made me want to hide in my air-conditioned house, it was wonderful to get outside on such a gorgeous day. We enjoyed ourselves and then went back to Sarah's house so I could show her the wonders of her new iPod. Sometimes it's nice to have friends who know less about technology than I do. ;)

This morning, we went to Sarah's church and sang along with the 1980's cover ba... I mean, worship team. I got the chance to meet some more of Sarah's friends. Every time she introduced me, she mentioned that I was headed to seminary. It's nice to have friends who are supportive.

Living close to Sarah is definitely something I am going to miss when I move to NJ, but she's promised to visit. Anyway, she has all my CDs and has to return them some time, so at least one visit is assured.
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