Happy Birthday, Emily!

My roommate turns twenty five today. Since dinner on Saturday, we've been enjoying birthday festivities. Friday night, Emily let me choose the place and Emily, Mary Katharine, Adam, and I went to Faccia Luna to satisfy my two week craving for pizza. By the way, if you live in NOVA, I would highly recommend this place. Excellent pizza for cheap (by NOVA/DC standards)! We all had pizza, they all had beer and Adam managed to hit some random girl with a rubberband. Why he was trying to fit a tiny rubber band around two take-out boxes, I may never know.

Further festivities were emarked upon when Emily and I went to Ann Taylor Loft. (Acually, the festivities really began when I PUT ON MASCARA,* but this post isn't supposed to be about me.) Emily bought the top you see in the picture above and a pair of jeans and some pink flip flops. After Emily had purchased her new clothing I dragged her upstairs to Hudson Trail Outfitters and I got a pink Nalgene and a pink Splashguard for the pink Nalgene (to celebrate Emily's birthday, of course :).

Shopping completed, we went to get Emily's car at the shop. Not officially part of the festivities, but there was a really cute mechanic there who was nice to look at AND Emily had at least one short, rotund, Latino admirer, named Felipe, at that shop, so it was fun.

We then made our way home to be joined by Mary Katharine, who met up with us for a night on the town. Or, more accurately, an early evening on the town. Our first stop was Potomac Yards Regal Cinema to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The movie was hilariously funny...another recommended activity for anyone who can handle a little irreverence.

After the movie, we went to Bangkok 54, the best Thai restaurant in our area. At least, that's what I think and it was Emily's first choice for birthday dinner, so it must be true. We ordered drinks, then I presented Emily with her gift. I almost think that I was looking forward to the gift-giving more than Emily was looking forward to the receiving. All that changed when the long-awaited gift was opened and a talking Ronald Reagan doll from Toypresidents, which I found at a store in Baltimore, emerged. As you can tell from the beatific look on Emily's face, she was well-pleased. Every few minutes one of us would press Ronnie's lapel to hear one of his 25 quotable quotes. My personal favorite is "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!" MKH got Em a gift card for DSW, money for shoes, always a timely gift. She also proved, once again, that she's NOT hideously unattractive.

From what I've seen, Emily's twenty-fifth year has been a good one. In about a week, she starts a new job. (She got about five thousand offers in the past two months, everyone loves her!) In a little over a month, 33 days to be exact, she will have a new roommate (though Alyssa will have a difficult time filling my shoes, she's a nice girl). Hopefully, Emily's 26th year will be just as eventful as her 25th has been, if not a little less stressful. I'm going to miss her constant requests that I do a dance, her strange dinners (consisting mainly of pita, hummus, ham, and Wheat Thins), and her excellent taste in movies...

Happy birthday, roommate!

* You may be asking yourself why my eyebrows are so "unruly." And why, with such unruly brows, I would ever consider posting a close up of my eyes. Well, my lashes are fantastic and plucking hurts me. If you have any helpful hints about avoiding this pain, feel free to comment.
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