Slightly Belated RGBP Friday Five

1. Describe the last play or musical you saw. What was your opinion of it? Sadly enough, I think the last play I saw was over four years ago, during my junior year of college. It was a student production of As You Like It, I believe, but I'm not sure. I am sure that it was excellent because our Shakespeare players never did anything badly.

2. All time favorite play? Musical? My favorite musical is most definitely Les Miserables. Some friends and I saw it in London. Every place in London offered a student discount, so we got center seats in the thirteenth row. The performance was amazing. The Thenardiers were so "bad" that I could barely bring myself to clap for them. As for plays, I love Tennessee Williams' Glass Menagerie.

3. What non-musical movie do you think should next get the musical treatment? I'm going to say Kill Bill. Can you even imagine a musical production of a Quentin Tarrantino film? Fantastic!

4. Favorite song from a musical and why? I love By My Side from Godspell. The music and the lyrics carry me away. It's beautiful.

5. What great pop/rock singer/composer or super-group should be the next to be featured, and what might the story-line be for such a show? Let's go with Radiohead. The storyline could be of a band that begins well, is genuinely brilliant actually, but they orchestrate their own slide into unpopularity by becoming too experimental. I don't know how closely it would reflect reality, but it would certainly represent their career in my mind.

Bonus question for singer/actors. Favorite part you’ve ever played/sung: I never actually had a "part" per se, but I loved being in the chorus of Godspell.
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