Friends Don't Let Friends Listen To Crappy Music

When Rebecca and John were down south for Fourth of July weekend, Rebecca gave me a few mixed CDs as sort of a "repayment" for the ones I'd given her earlier this year.
She gave me a mellow mix, a fun mix and just a mix.  Because of her musical tastes, I found all of them rather mellow, but the one she labelled "mellow" is definitely my favorite.  Damien Rice and Over the Rhine sing me to sleep almost every night.
The two songs I love best are Delicate, by Damien Rice and Etcetera Whatever, by Over the Rhine.  Sadly, I love both of these songs because of my obsession with ABC's LostDelicate was actually used in the episode " Translation."  As for Etcetera Whatever, I don't know if it was ever used in the show, but it certainly reminds me of it with all the talk of living on the beach.
Anyway, it's fantastic to have friends who take the time to do something as thoughtful and time-consuming as making a mixed CD.  Please feel free to mimic Rebecca.  I'm sure you'll be justly recompensed!
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