More Stuff To Read

Walter Brueggemann's Myspace page. Hilarious! Become Walter's friend. (h/t to Adam @ pomomusings)

Let Jan (@ A Church for Starving Artists) have some examples of how the church is NOT DEAD.

Check out Melissa's thoughts on "Redrawing the Cube." Part of her post: "Businesses are on the cutting-edge of redesigning their workspaces to meet the needs of their employees. They make use of inviting workspaces in an effort to stay abrest of trends emerging in the larger culture. Why isn't the church doing the same thing?"

Finally, a couple posts on a subject I'm currently struggling through:

Catherine+ (@ Come to the Table...) expresses her frustration over the exclusion of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trangendered people from ordination. Michele L (@ Emerging Women) discusses the same Hot Button topic. Just added: a slightly more lighthearted view from jo(e).
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