Beware: This Post About Underwear

A few weeks ago, Emily and I took a jaunt over to Target for a little Saturday afternoon shopping. While there, I found some Hanes on sale. Not just run of the mill briefs, either. These were some of the cutest underwear I've ever found for less than $10 retail. Click here if you want to see what they look like on someone.

Since I got them, I haven't worn anything else. I have eight pairs and do laundry about once a week, so it works out. They only show two colors on their website, but I got pink, blue, purple, and white from Target. The colored ones come with a plain pair and a stripe-y pair. I love the cute front seams and the wider waistband.

I liked them enough that I had to share my joy with others. As soon as I mentioned them, MKH got all excited because she had also discovered these wonderful panties. After our hearty endorsement, Emily decided to buy some for herself. This morning, she sent me an email that said, "I need to go buy some more little boy underwear right away! Nothing else is as good!!"

My advice to every girl/woman who reads this blog: Buy some, buy them now, you'll never go back! Best. Underwear. Ever.
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