In my search for interesting items related to "20," I found this fun game. Seriously, the computer can guess what you're long as you're honest about your answers. ;)

Don't you wish our money really looked like this?

In another 20 days, fourteen of them spent at the office, I will be packing my car and moving on with my life. My bedroom is now void of all furniture except the bedside table I've borrowed from my roommate and my lamp that will soon be packed.

Since the buyer came to pick up my bed earlier this afternoon, I've been trying to decide where to sleep. The living room doesn't ever get as cool as my bedroom, but hardwood floors could get pretty uncomfortable. Emily thought it was amusing when I suggested setting up my tent in the backyard. It would probably be pretty comfortable, but I think I might feel a little insecure, even in my "safe" neighborhood.

Whatever I decide, we all know it's just a temporary solution. Woot!

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