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Another conversation about how to encourage women in minstry has been started by Scot McKnight at Jesus Creed. Scot's question springs from this article from the NY Times: "Why is it that, in denominations that have chosen to ordain women, ordained women are not being appointed or called to churches of 350 or more members?"

Many different opinions have been offered, but one question has captured my thoughts: How many women choose to abandon a calling from God to be in the ministry because they see the lack of support/mentors and feel unable to bear the burden of being a pioneer?

Obviously, there are women already in the pulpit, already bearing this burden. I appreciate these women because even though I have no plans to be a pastor, the same type of support is needed in academia, especially in an extremely male-dominated field like religion/Christian theology.

I've been convicted lately with the idea that if I want changes, I have to be willing to step into the positions that I believe should be open to women. Leadership is not something I naturally grab for, I feel much more comfortable as a follower, but if I whine about not having women in leadership, not having women to mentor me, shouldn't I be willing to become a woman in leadership, a woman who will be able to mentor?

So, I don't have any specific plans on how to do this, but I am going to begin to intentionally prepare myself for the roles of leader and mentor. Hopefully, seminary will be an aid in this preparation. Maybe I will be able to find a mentor of my own...I know they're out there.

Any thoughts, readers?
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