Set Low Standards, You'll Rarely Be Disappointed

Sunday's Child wrote a post today that struck a chord in the deepest part of my being. The refrain was: "Because I have been disappointed and have unconsciously decided it is easier to expect less than to continue to be disappointed."

I'm sure any number of people can empathize with this p.o.v. Disappointment hurts and sometimes it seems like a terrific idea to shelter ourselves from the pain by expecting nothing, trusting noone to take responsibility, to keep promises. Through far too much experience, I've discovered that this approach leaves me with nothing but the pain of loneliness and bitterness and stress from trying to do everything myself.

The construction of Sunday Child's post and the repetition of the line quoted above, led me to think of Psalm 136. Sometimes when I can't stop the looping feed of negative thoughts in my head, it helps to replace them with a new refrain. What better refrain is there than that God's "steadfast love endures forever"?
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