Thirty One

I couldn't have found a move perfect countdown picture for today if I tried.

From Wikipedia: "William Duckworth is credited as composer of the first postminimal piece of music... He composed Thirty One Days (1987) for alto saxophone..."

"Postminimalism is a term utilised in various artistic fields for work which is influenced by, or attempts to develop, the aesthetic of minimalism."

One of my favorite modern artists, Eva Hesse, was a postminimalist and I didn't even know it.

On the packing, moving, becoming a seminary student front: I haven't heard back from the housing office about whether I can move in early. My first call was Friday, I am going to procrastinate one more day and call them back tomorrow to see if they've made any decisions. I haven't done any significant packing since last week, but have definite plans to finish unloading my bookselves tonight. I also need to take some picture of my bed and bookshelves for posting on Craigslist. It would be really nice to make some money on the larger items I need to rid myself of, especially since my larger items are less than two years old and in "good as new" condition.

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