SYTYCD Performance Finale

A moment of silence favorite show of the summer, So You Think You Can Dance?, comes to a conclusion in less than a week.

Last nights' episode was fun, though there was serious confusion in my apartment when the judges slammed Benji and Donyelle's soaring, beautiful Vienese Waltz immediatly after having drooled over the lackluster disco number that Heidi and Travis slogged through. To quote MKH out of context, "We gotta back this crazy train up!"

For me, the highlight of the evening was definitely "Tranji." Silly, yes. Entertaining, absolutely!

Who would I vote for if I did such a thing? :) Well, I'm a huge fan of Benji. Heidi's dancing is hot, but she seems a little too perky. Travis is good, too, but all I ever remember of his dancing is that crazy spin he does for every single solo performance. Donyelle used to have my heart, but she's lost her sparkle in the last few weeks. I wonder what happened to make her seem so sad. So, I'm for Benji, the skinny, geeky, utterly talented Mormon!

The lowlight of the show was when Mary made a dog shape with her hand, screamed at the hand and, finally, proceeded to make her hand scream. Too! much! screaming!

I can't believe we have to wait a whole week to find out who won!

In related news, I have wanted to see the movie Step Up since the first time I saw a preview for it. Sure, it's probably crappy, but dancing is such a happy thing!
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