Just Gonna Link 'Em

Some good stuff I found recently:

Dear Church - Sarah Cunningham wrote a book and has a website with this name. According to Scot McKnight, at Jesus Creed, "If you are interested in reading how 20somethings sometimes think about the church and how they think it falls way short of what it is supposed to be like, and if at the same time you want to see that those who sometimes criticize the Church most deeply still love the Church anyway, then you will want to read Sarah Cunningham’s Dear Church: Letters from a Disillusioned Generation."

Maybe there is more behind this story, but, like Amy at Faith Musing, I have a difficult time thinking of any possible justification for government employees to take the possessions of homeless people.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Mike McGavick (Repulican candidate for Senate), wrote an open letter to his constituency.

Finally, CBE International has a blog! I loved this post, especially the last line: "...don’t be fooled, while the devil may have the blue dress on, there are both floral dresses and power suits in his closet as well."

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