Trying to find images for today was a craps shoot at best. All Google seemed to find was images related to a certain teen magazine to which I once had a subscription. Persistence paid off, though, and I found this image that isn't spectacular, but is light years better than the cover a teen rag.

The countdowns in the teens, people. I'm starting to freak out just a little bit.

In semi-related news, I learned today that a person had already been hired to replace me. His name is Brian and he will be SITTING AT MY DESK for the entirety of my last two weeks at the firm. This should be an interesting arrangement considering the fact that I have spent the majority of the last two months blogging, reading blogs and books, emailing, and other activities unrelated to work because there is nothing to do!!! Even if there was stuff to do, my job responsibilities could be passed on to a new employee in two days or less of training...a high school kid with a questionable work ethic could do my job tolerably well.

My supervisor just wanted to get someone in here before I left so that she wouldn't have to train him. She'll go to any absurd length to avoid work while maintaining her sense of power/authority. I'm going to miss some of my co-workers, but I will never miss the infuriatingly backwards way in which this office functions.

Only seventeen more days before I get to say good-bye to this place, hopefully, forever and begin living the life I want.

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