Twenty Three

For some reason, I have been intrigued by today's "countdown to seminary" Google results. Perhaps, it is because the first website I found gave me some insight into the Symbolic Meaning of Twenty Three. Apparently, even the chapter and verse numbers of the Bible are inspired. "Twenty three repeatedly occurs where the scripture is talking about prosperity, abundance, plenty or wealth." Who knew? Andrew Harris, of Biblenumerics, that's who.

One of my favorite bloggers, Dooce, also came up in my search because she writes a monthly newsletter to her daughter. Her twenty-third monthly letter came up in my search. This picture of her daughter and husband, which is featured in the post, is one of my favorites that has ever been on her website.

Now that the summer is on the decline, I also want to offer my readers a link to Twenty Three Tips for Keeping the House Cool. After all, summer will come again and we still have at least a month of it left.

Finally, picture time. To prove my love for Lost, I have chosen to use a picture of the Lost numbers, one of which is 23. The reward for Kate's capture was $23,000. Season 2, Episode 10 was entitled Psalm 23 and Eko quotes the psalm in it's entirety. 23 people in the tail of the plane survived the crash. More here...

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