Thirty Days (That's One Month, People!)

I called PTS again today. Apparently, making the decision whether to let one desperate girl into the dorms takes a lot more work than I expected. Since I'd called on Friday, Rosemary (the lady on the phone) had spoken to Stephen (the director of housing) who had spoken to the dean of students. Yes, the dean of students was involved in this decision.

A little persistence paid off, though. Rosemary called me back less than an hour after we got off the phone, just as I was leaving for lunch, to tell me that I will be allowed to move into my room on September 11. Somewhat ironic that such a happy event should occur on such a sad day. I've already alerted one of my pals at Princeton University that he should prepare himself to lug boxes to my third floor room. He hasn't responded to my demands. :) Perhaps I will need to call in reinforcements. Much thanks to anyone who prayed over this situation (or anyone who might have paid off school officials...).

As for the countdown photo...I need to wait for permission from the artist. She's in Britain, so I'm going to give it until 6 p.m. or so. If she hasn't responded by 2 a.m. her time, I guess I'll need to choose another picture.
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