Twenty Four (And The Wonders Of Craigslist)

Sorry this picture is so obvious. I was purposely trying to avoid anything related to this insanely popular television show, but Kiefer Sutherland is too manly to be ignored. I'll take comfort in the fact that I didn't used the show's logo. Honestly, I love Kiefer, but I'm not a huge fan of 24.

Now, on to Craigslist and my complete happiness with it!

For the past few weeks, every night I've gone home with the intention of posting ads for several items that I wanted to sell. Last night, I finally got around to it and just over 12 hours later, I've already sold all four items at my original asking price. Two of the four items are being picked up tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully, the girl who asked me to hold the bed will not flake out, though I have confidence that if she does, I will be able to repost it and Craig will help me sell it quickly. Yay for online resources!

In other moving news, Emily's new roommate is coming over to measure tomorrow night. My room is a disaster. Really, I have picture proof. I managed to make it slightly less disorganized before I went to bed last night (after all, I needed someplace to sleep), but it's still a strange mishmash of boxes and bedding and knick-knacks and books and dirty laundry. I am encouraged, though...the simplifying process is coming along nicely. Getting everything in one carload shouldn't be a major problem.

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