Mary Katharine Ham: Not Hideously Unattractive

Recently, a blogger made some comments about my friend Mary Katharine Ham. I certainly don't begrudge him his opinion, but I would like to point out that Hugh Hewitt asked Mary Katharine Ham to blog with him and, furthermore, MKH was being paid to do so.

Unfortunately, after Mary Katherine linked to the post in good fun, a few commenters (none of whom were MKH, despite what you may be led to believe by the Abbot's comments below) decided to hijack the comments section of the Abbot's blog and turn it into a rather silly personal attack on Mary Katharine Ham, which involved negative comments about both the Abbot and MKH. The problem was that rather than criticizing the content of either bloggers' words, these hijackers went straight for appearances. Because of this and because he wasn't interested in blogging for the public, the Abbot decided to disallow commenting. It's truly unfortunate that the Abbot felt forced to take such a step, but it just proves that {insert colloquialism here}.

Anyway, I am here to assure you that Mary Katharine Ham is, in fact, not only "not hideously unattractive" (as one of the commenters allowed), but even rather pretty! And, here, to support my opinion, is a picture taken just last night.

See the white teeth, shiny locks, well-plucked brows and slender wrist? She's a beaut 'n' ain't no one can tell me different! Everyone, give it up for Mary Katherine Ham!!! And read her blog if you aren't put off by conservative politics (or even if you are), she's quite a funny and insightful young woman.

7/21/06 - edited to make it clearer that I was criticizing the bastardly commenters, not the Abbot himself. Though, after the words below, I'm not entirely sure why I care, especially since my readsership is about 10 people.

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