For the first time in months, I went to the gym. It was incredibly sad! I spent five months last year working out consistently five days a week and had gone from a 12.5 minute mile to a 10 minute mile. Not spectacular, but better than I'd ever done in my whole life.

So, today...I'm back to a 12.5 minute mile and not even a good 12.5 minutes, a sad, straining through it 12.5 minute mile. But, I feel good having started again and I am determined to keep it up. There is a free gym at work and a free gym at school and I plan on being one of those crazy people who gets up early in the morning to work out before class.

Let's just hope that I get the gym to myself for the rest of my time at WAC! It's okay with other people, but then I can't sing along to "Hips Don't Lie."
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