I Heart Benji!

Another episode of So You Think You Can Dance? over and I'm not entirely pleased with the result. Benji & Donyelle and Allison & Ivan were forced to separate and dance with other people!!! Sad day because I didn't like a lot of the new pairings. Happy day because there was a lot more dancing and lot less Cat Deeley talking and Mary was NOT a judge.

The only two dancers who benefited from the ol' swicheroo were Heidi and Travis. They were HOT together. It's truly unfortunate that they had to dance with other people all the rest of the weeks of the competition.

Without a doubt, the highlight of the show was when Benji finished his solo dance with a little hiney shakin'. He is a fabulous dancer, a nice person, has a great back story that could be a made for TV movie, and that smile... it makes me melt! *Swoon* I'm still not going to vote, but anyone who might, should vote for Benji and Allison!

Now, on to Project Runway! There's supposed to be a HUGE revelation tonight...
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