Inspired by Prodigal Aspersions and 4 in the Fire, I've decided to share some of my poetry. I don't generally consider myself a poet, but once upon a time, I lived with A Girl who encouraged such endeavors. This is one I wrote near the end of my time at Houghton (slightly edited, but still raw). If you choose to comments, please be gentle.

Hello, kitty,
what are you doing up there?

plaintive cries...
no time for questions!
I climbed here by myself
but it would be nice if you could help me down
you're built for the climb down

such a nice cat
a pretty cat
a sleek, silky cat
maybe I'll just climb up...
pet her
calm her down

here he comes
no, petting
enjoying my soft coat
scratching the right spots

I wish you'd get me down
this limb was fun for a time
but all the sweet birds left
now there's you
cradle me
climb down

I don't think you need me
not enough...
I'll be going now

all that!
and he leaves without me?

kitty steels herself
rolls her eyes
blinks back a tear
and begins the treacherous climb down
headfirst descent
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