Good Friends Are Good

I saw Rebecca and John yesterday for the first time in seven months. As always, it was a good time just hanging out and being friends. To me, the best friends are the ones I can do nothing with. Rebecca gave me three mixed CDs and three bracelets from Africa!

We didn't do nothing all day, though. We saw a matinee of The Devil Wears Prada. I liked the book, the movie was rather meh. John, Rebecca, and I gave it a B-. I thought it was more like a C, but I was outvoted on that one. If you want to see it, I would recommend waiting for the rental.

After the movie, we headed to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was really hot and humid so we walked around a bit, but the majority of our time was spent deciding where to eat and eating at Pizzeria Uno. I also managed to get my roommate the BEST birthday gift ever!!! I can't tell you what it is because she reads this, but there will definitely be pictures once I give it to her.

One regret was taking the Metro rather than just driving. Our Metro experience was much like the one I wrote about on Friday, except that there were about ten different offenders rather than just one group. Unfortunate.

Anyway, I wish I could see my beautiful friends more often. Thanks for the terrific day!
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