Kids Are Cute!!!

During the summer, children past 4th grade sit in the sanctuary with the adults because there is no Sunday School or nursery for them. This leads to some wonderful parent-child moments that sometimes distract me from sermons and songs, but are too beautiful not to notice.

This morning, a little blond boy was occupying himself by drawing on some paper that his mother had given him. He had quite a stack, so when he noticed that his friend a few seats down (another blonde boy with a permanent, charming smile) didn't have anything to play with, he walked over and gave him a few sheets of his paper. The recipient of the paper was so excited and grateful! The giver went back to his mother and she gave him a high precious.

Another little boy with dark hair and glasses was sitting contentedly on his father's lap and, at one point, during some of the liturgy before communion, they were having a staring contest...IN CHURCH!!! I love it. Then, during the staring contest, the little boy, with this look of complete happiness and love on his face, reached up and adjusted his dad's glasses. precious.

Third and final moment. We started reciting the Lord's Prayer and the paper recipient's much older brother leaned over and started saying it in his ear. P.R. started saying it along with him and when we all got to the end, he had this incredibly intense look of satisfaction on his face.

Kids + Church = WONDERFUL FUN!
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