Holy Diet Coke!

I went to Wendy's to get some chicken nuggets for lunch. When asked what size I wanted, I ordered medium, without a second thought. At the window, there was a cup sitting on the ledge. It was HUGE! The cashier handed it to me...I thought there was some mistake, but there was no one else in line behind me...

Upon returning home, I Googled Wendy's and found quite a few articles outlining their recent menu changes. They have done away with the Biggie and Great Biggie size designations by merely getting rid of small and renaming the other sizes. Medium is now small, Biggie is now medium, and Great Biggie is large. A medium is 32 ounces!!! It's a good thing I've developed a taste for diet soda.

Obviously, people must use common sense when ordering fast food, but really...32 oz. = medium? The picture at the right shows a comparison of a McDonald's medium and a Wendy's medium. I wonder if they will sell more because people will feel less guilty ordering a medium or large than they would a Biggie or Great Biggie? As for me, I will order small at Wendy's from now on.

Some articles if you want more information:
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