The Perpetual Offer

Every couple of months, one of the attorneys at my firm asks if I'm sure I don't want to be a lawyer. They always ask in such a way that the question sounds like, "How could anyone on earth with half a brain not want to be a lawyer?" I always laugh and tell them I considered it for a long time, but eventually (some time in high school) abandoned the idea.

Ken is the partner who is most persistent in this request. Yesterday, while asking me to check a tax bill for a client, he came at the question in a new way, "Have you ever considered using your powers for evil instead of good and becoming an attorney? You could go to night school and Georgetown and work here where you already have your foot in the door."

Fortunately, Ken has a sense of humor, so when I laughed at his question, he laughed with me. Unfortunately, I couldn't tell him exactly why (even if I chose to become an attorney) I would never work in this office again.
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