My Favorite Thing About Africa

For the first few days I was in Tanzania, I knew there was something different, but I just couldn't figure out what it was. Not until we arrived at our campus in Masumbo and I had a few days to process my surroundings that I realized I was missing the electric hum of technology. Sure, there were plenty of electrical devices, but they were not surrounding us. I didn't have a laptop and a cell phone and an iPod and a television and an air conditioner and electric lights all humming in my ears. It was peaceful.

Today, I was sitting at work, with my headphones shoved in my ears, as usual. I began to feel antsy...restless. I removed my headphones and immediately felt better. Silly, really, but I was feeling pressure to keep up with my use my life and time to maintain the machines that own me.

So, I've decided to fast from my iPod for a couple days. I updated it when I got home, I'm charging it and I'm not going to use it again until Friday, at the earliest.

Some time this summer, I would like to go on a retreat. Perhaps go for a weekend in the woods.
So, does anybody want to leave the world and all our gadgets behind for a few days and spend some time camping, reading, etc.?
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