Haircut....of Doom!

For most of my life, I have had long, wash ‘n’ go hair. To me, wash ‘n’ go means "just-going-to-pull-it-back-into-a-messy-bun-so-why-bother" hair. Recently, I took the plunge and my most recent hair stylist gave me a cute short do that requires at least fifteen to twenty minutes of attention to look cute and not like the hair of a 15-year old boy who refuses to cut his mop top.

My morning prep time has increased from approximately ten minutes to about thirty. Okay, I can deal with that. I’ve gone through my girlie, taking-ages-to-get-ready phases… Twenty to thirty minutes doesn’t even compare to the hours I spent primping during those times. Believe it or not, there was a rather extended period of my life in which I did my nails every. single. day.

What I am having a hard time dealing with is being one of THOSE girls… One of those girls who has to carry an umbrella even when it’s barley sprinkling because even one drop of water will COMPLETELY RUIN the twenty to thirty minutes spent making her hair sleek and shiny. One of those girls who worries about walking too fast because she might sweat a little, once again bringing to naught the morning prep time. One of those girls I used to scoff at for being worried about what the humidity would do to her hair.

I hate styling my hair, but I LOVE how cute it is once it’s styled. I suppose that sometimes we have to sacrifice for the ones we love. And since I love my new hair, I will sacrifice my sarcastic scoffing and become the unthinkable…the girl using an umbrella when it’s not really raining.
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