Some Quality Podcasts

This week I've found some really quality podcasts;two "Christian" and one not at all Christian.

Let's start with the not at all Christian one. It's The Daily Purge with J. Michael Haas. This guy is totally gay and a great storyteller. His style reminds me a bit of Phil Hassey. They almost have the same voice, even! Don't worry, Phil, I'm not doubting your sexuality. The podcast is put together really well, too. It seems almost professional. Don't listen if you can't handle gay sex jokes. Most of the episodes are pretty long, it's a commitment.

Next, we'll go with wtfwjd? Yes, it means "What the fuck would Jesus do?" This podcast is about ten minutes per episode and there's a lot of variety. Eli, the host of the show, is irreverent and funny and committed to figuring out what Jesus really would have his followers do. He's definitely focused on attracting a non-believing audience because sometimes he explains pretty basic things. (h/t to pomomusings)

Finally, the best one so far is called Out of Fellowship. I actually felt compelled to take notes while listening to this guy so that I could look at them later and compose some thoughts of my own. Craig Bob is a former worship leader who left the church about a year ago and has some interesting thoughts on what the church should look like. He doesn't call himself least, he hasn't so far, but I would say his thoughts line up with that "philosophy." I'm going to write more about Craig Bob later, so I won't go on now.

All I can say is, "Listen to these guys!" and tell me if you're finding anything quality out there.
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